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Hardwick Sheep

The Lake District National Park is home to an abundance of natural wonders and wildlife. Every season has it wonders and we recently had the pleasure of seeing newly born lambs of the hardy Herwick breed in Spring. The Herdwicks are unique to the Lake District and here are 5 interesting facts about them:

1. The Herdwicks are some of the toughest breeds of sheep, living on the slopes and pastures of England's highest mountains, withstanding all the elements.

2. The Herdwicks are born black, as you will see in the photos and then turn greg (like some humans!), when they grow up.

3. Their wool is wiry and warm, so often used for insulation.

4. The celebrated children's author, Beatrix Potter, helped save the breed from extinction during her lifetime.

5. They have excellent memories and sense of direction, which allows them to safely graze on the open fells without farmers needing to keep them enclosed, as they know to return home safely!